Ilve P15FNE3/ Milano 150cm Range Cooker


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  • Hob typeGas hob
  • Hob zones8 zones
  • Ovens2 ovens
  • Control TypeDial Control
  • Freestanding / IntegratedFreestanding
  • Width150cm
  • Manufacturer Guarantee2 years
Ilve P15FNE3/ Milano 150cm , 90/60 ovens, 7 Gas Burners + Frytop
The Milano 150cm Fry Top Dual Fuel range cooker is the largest of ILVEs range cooker collection. Combining advanced cooking features and cooking technologies, the 150cm Milano gives the ultimate cooking experience. Customise the style of this beautiful minimalistic range cooker with a selection of colour options.

Design Features

ILVEs unique E3 precision temperature control is included on the Milano 150cm range cooker. You can adjust the temperature in just 5 degree increments with minimal temperature fluctuation. Beneath the cooker is a full width storage drawer with two triple glazed soft close oven doors. The Milano style comes from its heritage with a traditional Italian finish. You can choose from 8 standard colours or there is the option to colour match, with ILVEs colour match service. There is also the option of four trims including chrome, brass, copper and bronze.

Oven Functions
The Milano 150cm Fry Top Dual Fuel range cooker features a large 65 litre capacity oven, and an extra-large oven that has a 97 litre capacity. There is a choice of 15 oven functions including a specially designed rotisserie, perfect for cooking joints of meat. The continuously turning spit allows the meat to self-base and ensures minimal mess. Additional functions include the quick start rapid heat up that heats to 200 degrees in 6 minutes, and the pizza setting that recreates a traditional pizza furnace at 300 degrees. The range cookers baking setting uses a circular fan element to distribute heat evenly. With the new steam discharge vent, you can control the ovens humidity by eliminating condensation when cooking a high water based dish like a stew or by retaining the moisture when baking bread. The oven includes two dual-height halogen lighting for perfect visual control.

The ovens interior is similar to cleaning a non-stick pack due to its easy clean enamel oven lining. All ILVE range cookers are A+ rated for energy efficiency.

Hob Details

The Milano 150cm Fry Top Dual Fuel range cooker comes with a flexible fry top, also known as a chef top or Teppanyaki griddle, you can cook anything from a full English breakfast, meat and fish to Japanese style stir fry dishes. There are 9 high quality, cast-iron individual pan supports and solid brass burners included. All burners have an easy clean black nanotechnology coating, that are non-stick, easy to clean, durable and highly resistant to fire.

Safety Features

All ILVE range cookers are fitted with a variety of safety features. Each cooker features a child safety lock, cool to touch oven doors with triple glazed glass and a fascia fan to keep the control cool. Also included is a flame safety device to turn off the gas if the flame goes out.

E3 precision digital temperature control

- Multifunction oven with 15 cooking functions

- Solid stainless steel fry top griddle

- Cast iron coup de feu for French style cooking

- Individual cast iron pan supports

- Robust high efficiency solid brass burners with easy clean black nanotechnology

- Oven temperatures range between 30°C and 300°C

- A+ Rated for energy efficiency

- Large oven capacities

- Programmable timer with minute minder

- Soft close oven doors

- Easy clean enamel oven lining

- Quick start rapid heat up

- Oven steam discharge system

- Full width storage drawer with soft close

- Fascia cooling fan keeps controls cool

- Dual height internal oven lights

- Child safety lock

- Easy clean enamel oven lining
Oven Specifications

Standard Oven 600 Maxi Oven 800
Internal Size

W 44 x H 36 x D 41
W 64.5 x H 36.5 x D 41
Volume 65 97
TFT Electronic Programmer
Energy Class
E3 Temperature Control
Cooking Temperature
30 - 300
30 - 300
Child Safety
Maximum Absorption 3.2kW 3.4kW
Resistance Absorption
Electric Grill 2100 W
Upper 1000W
Lower 1100W

Circular 2100 W

Quick Start 3200 W

Electric Grill 2150 W
Upper 1200W
Lower 1350W

Circular 2100 W

Quick Start 3400 W

Functions 15 15
Range Cooker Oven Functions

Pizza Function

The element in the bottom heats the base of the oven with the grill on low to mimic a pizza oven. This function is particularly suitable for cooking pizza, focaccia and bread.

Roasting Oven

The temperature starts off around 30°C higher at the start of cooking to sear meat and then drops to the desired temperature to cook through consistently.

Fan Grill

Twice as fast at the standard grill - with the grill pan placed on the 2nd runner with the door closed, food is cooked on both sides simultaneously.

Standard Grill / Rotisserie

Electric Grill element which is also used for the Rotisserie function.

Conventional Oven

Hottest at the top, cooler at the bottom and perfect cooking temperatures in the centre, similar to a traditional heat storage cooker.

Baking Oven

Using a true fan element – fan with surrounding circular element – the heat is circulated throughout the oven perfectly which is ideal for baking. Always use 2 trays in the oven, even if one is empty.

Browning Oven

Uses the top element to brown the top of food - perfect for melting cheese without burning.

Slow Cooker

Select desired cooking temperature to preheat the oven quickly – 200°C in 6 minutes. Slow Cooker Most efficient at 100°C, perfect for slow cooking recipes over longer durations.
More Information
Manufacturer Ilve
Model Number P15FNE3/
Ovens 2 ovens
Hob zones 8 zones
Hob type Gas hob
Width 150cm
Control Type Dial Control
Freestanding / Integrated Freestanding
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