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Monday 18th January 2021

Who do you call? 

If Your appliance is not working properly, call us on 01580 753470

Don't put up with a faulty appliance ! We are here working on the phones and online, ready to give advice on getting your appliance back up and working at its best, or hints and tips to get the best performance. If you'd like to talk to us about repairing your applance instead of replacing it, our sales and service staff are here to troubleshoot.

While a lot of us are spending more time at home, it's inevitable that the household appliances are getting more use. How many times a day is your dishwasher working? and the oven?? Washing machines and dryers are essential to modern family life, but if they dont work effectively or aren't reliable, they may be costing you more to run than a new appliance.

Our sales staff are fully trained with the appliance manufacturers and will always try to help you with your existing appliance. Call us to discuss wheather a repair would be more economical. 

We are here to help.



Monday 14th December 2020

We're Brexit ready, are you?

With all the recent discussion around Brexit we thought we had better address the implacations it will undoubtedly have for your Kitchen project in 2021.

Our manufacturers and suppliers are working hard to ensure that appliances are available, but we are regularly hearing of disruption to supply chains already.

If the appliances you require are not ordered in time this may have a knock on effect for your project completion dates. Some items are taking 7-10 weeks so we urge you to order early !!

The below extract is from this months KKB magazine.

A kitchen retailer has many plates to spin, a typical kitchen involves coordinated product deliveries and services  across the areas of furniture, appliances, sinks, taps, solid surfaces, delivery, and installation, all being delivered to an individual customer brief within a specific and narrow window of time. I can think of very few businesses where the product delivery is as complex. Let’s not forget that this chain of events only starts once you have found the customer, designed and sold the product too.

 if it is sold with appliances or solid surfaces, it is almost inevitable these will be sourced in whole or in part in Europe, and a kitchen is only finished when its finished.

 The business of bringing products from Europe to the UK will not be the same

Brexit ready?









Wednesday 2nd December 2020

We are OPEN

We reopened our showrooms on Wednesday 2nd December. 

While the doors were closed, we were still here doing business on the phones and online.

Our appliance sales department have been busy working with manufacturers and suppliers, to secure stock despite delays and interuptions to deliveries.

We've been able to continue delivering and installing appliances for our customers, as well as carrying out repairs and service work.

The Kitchen designers have had their work cut-out for them. Communicating by phone with customers to discuss designs and alterations.

All our current projects are continuing and the kitchen fitters are now booking for February-March 2021.

If you would like to visit the showroom, we do ask that you wear a face covering and where possible please call us to make an appointment, so that the correct member of staff is available to speak with you.

We look forward to seeing you.



One of our delivery vans