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Gas Range Cooker Safety

September 7th 2022

We have received this urgent safety notice regaring Gas Range Cookers.

If you own a Stoves, Belling, or New World gas range cooker:
Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (Stoves, Belling, New World) and the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) are
advising that an investigation is ongoing into a fatality due to carbon monoxide poisoning where a gas range cooker was
in the premises.
Customers MUST USE THE GAS GRILL WITH THE DOOR OPEN, as detailed in the instruction manual.
A number of Stoves, Belling and New World gas range cookers are impacted and so it is important that you make contact
with us via 0800 110 5728 or email By doing so, we can confirm if your cooker is
affected and keep you updated with the latest advice. If you no longer own the cooker, it is still extremely important that
you contact us to let us know who now owns it so that we can contact them too.
You will need your model number, starting with 4444, and serial number when contacting us. This can be found by opening
the main oven door. It is located on a badge on the frame above the grill cavity.
We are actively reminding all of our consumers and owners of these gas range cookers that they MUST OPERATE THE
GAS GRILL WITH THE DOOR OPEN as detailed in the instruction manual. DOING SO POSES NO RISK OF CARBON
We have stringent health and safety measures in place, and all of our cookers are tested to industry standards and by the
British Standards Institute (BSI) before they are made available to buy.
We will continue to raise awareness of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and to encourage the highest standards of
testing industry-wide. We are working closely with the OPSS to highlight the risks of carbon monoxide and we support
their message of informing consumers to only use gas grills with the door open.
Consumers with one of these gas range cookers in their home can continue to use the product as per the instruction
Appliance Use:

All gas appliances must be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the
cooker. Correct use and adequate ventilation is essential to ensure safe use of these cookers. Using an appliance for any
purpose, other than that for which it is designed, can cause serious safety issues. The grill cavity in these appliances is
designed for open door grilling and the grill must not be used as an oven, a space heater, or any other purpose.
Which products are affected?
110cm – 100cm –
444440400 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Blk* 444440218 NW 100GT Car 444444269 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Sh Grn
444440401 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Sil 444440221 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Car 444444270 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Ibr
444440402 BEL CLASSIC 110GT Crm 444440222 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Sil 444444271 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Dab
444441444 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Ssk 444440392 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Blk 444444273 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Mga
444441445 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Wbe 444440393 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Sil 444444275 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G CB Hja
444441446 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Hja 444440462 NW 100GT Sil 444449442 BEL C/CLASSIC 100G Ant
444441447 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Ibr 444440792 ST STERLING R1000GT Blk 444449443 BEL C/CLASSIC 100G Sil
444441448 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Dab 444440793 ST STERLING R1000GT Sta 444442980 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Blk
444441449 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Dda 444440923 BEL CLASSIC 100GT Crm* 444442981 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Crm
444441450 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Mga 444441432 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Ssk 444442982 BEL C/RANGE 100GT Jal
444441452 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Fbu 444441433 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Wbe 444444059 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Blk
444441453 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Fbl 444441434 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Hja 444444060 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Red
444441454 BEL CLASSIC 110GT CB Pbl 444441435 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Ibr 444444061 BEL KENSINGTON 100G Crm
444444099 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G PROF Sta 444441436 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Dab 444449017 BEL KEN 100G Crm
444444100 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G Sta 444441438 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Mga 444444200 NW 100G Car
444444101 BEL COOKCENTRE 110G Blk 444441440 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Fbu 444444201 NW 100G Sil
444444151 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Blk 444441442 BEL CLASSIC 100GT CB Pbl
444444152 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Sil 444444087 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G PROF Sta
444444153 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G Crm 444444088 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G Sta
444444297 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Sh Grn 444444089 BEL COOKCENTRE 100G Blk
444444298 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Ibr 444444117 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Blk
444444299 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Dab 444444118 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Sil
444444300 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Wbe 444444119 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G Crm
444444303 BEL FARMHOUSE 110G CB Hja 444444120 BEL SANDRINGHAM 100G LPG Sil
444440798 ST STERLING R1100GT Blk 444444139 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Blk
444440799 ST STERLING R1100GT Sta 444444140 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Sil
444449019 BEL KEN 110G Crm* 444444141 BEL FARMHOUSE 100G Crm
90cm –
444410272 ST RICH DX S900G CB Wbe 444410798 ST RICH S900G CC 444410929 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mbl
444410273 ST RICH DX S900G CB Hja 444410799 ST RICH S900G Ant 444410930 ST RICH DX S900G CB Tbl
444410274 ST RICH DX S900G CB Ibr 444410806 ST STER S900G BK 444410931 ST RICH DX S900G CB Kte
444410275 ST RICH DX S900G CB Dab 444410807 ST STER S900G SS 444411272 ST RICH DX S900G CB Bgr
444410276 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mga 444410923 ST RICH DX S900G CB Agr 444443466 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Blk
444410277 ST RICH DX S900G CB SH Grn 444410924 ST RICH DX S900G CB Iwh 444443467 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Crm
444410278 ST RICH DX S900G CB Ant 444410925 ST RICH DX S900G CB Pmu 444443468 BEL C/RANGE 90GT Jal
444410761 ST PREC DX S900G BK 444410926 ST RICH DX S900G CB Cbl 444443481 ST RICH 900GT Blk
444410762 ST PREC DX S900G SS 444410927 ST RICH DX S900G CB Mmi 444443482 ST RICH 900GT Cha
444410797 ST RICH S900G BK 444410928 ST RICH DX S900G CB Cre 444443485 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Blk
90cm –
444443486 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Crm
444443487 BEL CLASSIC 90GT Sil
444444047 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Blk
444444048 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Red
444444049 BEL KENSINGTON 90G Crm
444444067 BEL GOURMET 90G PROF Sta
444444076 BEL COOKCENTRE 90G Sta
444444077 BEL COOKCENTRE 90G Blk
444444127 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Blk
444444128 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Sil
444444129 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G Crm
444444241 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Sh Grn
444444242 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Ibr
444444243 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Dab
444444244 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Wbe
444444245 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Mga
444444246 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Fbu
444444247 BEL FARMHOUSE 90G CB Hja
444444903 ST RICH DX S900G BK
444444904 ST RICH DX S900G CC
444444935 ST STER DX S900G BK
444444936 ST STER DX S900G S



July 14th 2022

Keeping your refrigeration appliances happy.

Your fridge or freezer is usually the only appliance that is plugged in and switched on all day every day. So to care for the most hard working appliance in your home we have a few handy tips. Regular maintenance will ensure that your refrigeration appliance keeps your food in peak condition, even in the warmest of weather.

  • Vacuum out the ventilation grill, on most built in appliances this grill is either under the appliance or just beside it at ground level. Removing dust means that the air flow is maximised.
  • Vacuum the back of the appliance and underneath, don't forget to check the condensate tray for any un-evapourated water or material which may start to cause an unpleasant smell in a warmer room.
  • Clean the seals on the inside of the doors, use a warm water and white vinegar solution to effectively clean debris and dust from inside the folds of the seals. This will ensure that they will work properly to keep the cool inside and the heat outside.
  • Check the drain hole in the back of your fridge, clear the small drain with a tooth pick or cotton bud to remove any small items which may block escaping water.
  • Check that no items of food or containers are touching the back wall of your fridge, this can stop any water droplets from reaching the drian hole and ultimately cause them to freeze on the back wall.
  • Clean the fridge or freezer shelves and boxes, salad containers and door balconies. Removing spills and residue will not only freshen up your fridge but also prolong the life of these working parts. Most can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher but check your manual for manufacturer instructions.

Clean refrigeration appliances work much more economically and giving your fridge freezer a good clean is like giving your car a wash and vacuum out. 

Call us if you need advice on a product which may not be working properly, we can offer some solutions such as numbers of local engineers or help in finding the most suitable replacements. 

Our lower appliance showroom is also remarkably cool in the heat of the day!!!!



May 18th 2022

We do have good stock levels of most appliances however, the below statement is an tiny taste of the information being communicated to us from several of our manufacturers and suppliers.

Please contact us by phone or email, in the first instance, to ask the status of any product. 

"The current global supply chain environment continues to be highly volatile, we have recently received notification of an imminent supply issue in relation to key electronic
components essential in the production of a number of single/compact cooking appliances. The situation is still being assessed but there is a likelihood of significantly reduced production on a number of appliances until further notice.
As a result, we are currently unable to provide any information on the expected lead-times of new
orders for the affected appliances. Please be advised that existing orders may also be subject to additional delays.
We fully appreciate the seriousness of this situation, and all alternative solutions are being carefully
reviewed with further updates released as soon as possible."

We will try to help you find a suitable alternative if the appliance you are after is affected by these delays.

Let us help you find your perfect appliance.







Monday 18th January 2021

Who do you call? 

If Your appliance is not working properly, call us on 01580 753470

Don't put up with a faulty appliance ! We are here working on the phones and online, ready to give advice on getting your appliance back up and working at its best, or hints and tips to get the best performance. If you'd like to talk to us about repairing your applance instead of replacing it, our sales and service staff are here to troubleshoot.

While a lot of us are spending more time at home, it's inevitable that the household appliances are getting more use. How many times a day is your dishwasher working? and the oven?? Washing machines and dryers are essential to modern family life, but if they dont work effectively or aren't reliable, they may be costing you more to run than a new appliance.

Our sales staff are fully trained with the appliance manufacturers and will always try to help you with your existing appliance. Call us to discuss wheather a repair would be more economical. 

We are here to help.



Monday 14th December 2020

We're Brexit ready, are you?

With all the recent discussion around Brexit we thought we had better address the implacations it will undoubtedly have for your Kitchen project in 2021.

Our manufacturers and suppliers are working hard to ensure that appliances are available, but we are regularly hearing of disruption to supply chains already.

If the appliances you require are not ordered in time this may have a knock on effect for your project completion dates. Some items are taking 7-10 weeks so we urge you to order early !!

The below extract is from this months KKB magazine.

A kitchen retailer has many plates to spin, a typical kitchen involves coordinated product deliveries and services  across the areas of furniture, appliances, sinks, taps, solid surfaces, delivery, and installation, all being delivered to an individual customer brief within a specific and narrow window of time. I can think of very few businesses where the product delivery is as complex. Let’s not forget that this chain of events only starts once you have found the customer, designed and sold the product too.

 if it is sold with appliances or solid surfaces, it is almost inevitable these will be sourced in whole or in part in Europe, and a kitchen is only finished when its finished.

 The business of bringing products from Europe to the UK will not be the same

Brexit ready?









Wednesday 2nd December 2020

We are OPEN

We reopened our showrooms on Wednesday 2nd December. 

While the doors were closed, we were still here doing business on the phones and online.

Our appliance sales department have been busy working with manufacturers and suppliers, to secure stock despite delays and interuptions to deliveries.

We've been able to continue delivering and installing appliances for our customers, as well as carrying out repairs and service work.

The Kitchen designers have had their work cut-out for them. Communicating by phone with customers to discuss designs and alterations.

All our current projects are continuing and the kitchen fitters are now booking for February-March 2021.

If you would like to visit the showroom, we do ask that you wear a face covering and where possible please call us to make an appointment, so that the correct member of staff is available to speak with you.

We look forward to seeing you.



One of our delivery vans