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HK953400FB 90cm AEG MaxiSense™ Induction hob with AutoMax feature.



  • slim depth
  • 14 stage digital power controls
  • stop+go function
  • programmable timer per section: up to 99 minutes
  • Child safety lock

Clear access, to improve the flow of the cooking process

Because the heat sources on this horizontal induction hob are in a row, you can access each one directly, ensuring the cooking process flows more effectively.

Closely monitor each stage of the cooking process

To enable you to closely monitor the progress of each dish, the CountUp Timer starts at zero when a zone is turned on, and keeps counting until you stop or reset it


Significantly extended cooking options, with Maxisense

Significantly extended cooking options, with Maxisense

On this unique zone-free induction hob, you can place pans of all sizes or shapes almost anywhere you like, as long as they cover the central cross

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