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The ProTex washer ensures that fabrics are handled with great care. The Soft Drum with 7 kg washing capacity and maximum 1400 rpm spin speed handles large loads with extra gentleness, whilst the intelligent OptiSense system tailors the cycle time to your load size, preventing your clothes from being overwashed and helping them stay new-looking for longer.

7 kg wash capacity

In our large capacity washer you can wash larger loads saving you time & effort.

1400 spin speed RPM

 Large porthole

Child safety lock

Keypads can be locked to ensure temperatures and programme selectors can not be changed - making certain your laundry is always safe.

Silent system

Dedicated to producing a quiet, high performance laundry range, we have developed advanced technology to ensure our washing machines are as quiet as possible.

Outdoor sports programme

A special sport programme for heavily soiled clothes.

Mixed fabric programme

 A++ energy efficiency class

 A class wash performance

B class spin performance

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