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Let our Installation Team deliver and install your new home appliance. We offer a range of installation and disposal packages. Please discuss your requirements with our sales staff before you purchase,

Delivery and installation charges

  • Freestanding                                                                       £20.00
  • Built in                                                                                   £65.00
  • Gas appliances & gas range cookers                                  £150.00
  • Electric range cookers                                                          £100.00
  • American refrigeration                                                          £100.00
  • Extractor fans                                                                        £100.00 
  • Disposal                                                                                 £15.00
  • Disposal of refrigeration and range cookers                          £25.00


 Delivery can be arranged to most areas within the UK. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

All prices are for installations to existing, suitable supplies. If alteration are required in order for a new machine to be installed this will be quoted separately.

 Before we deliver....

  • Laundry and Dishwashing appliances, ensure your waste pipe, water supply and electricity connections are no more than 1m away from where the appliance will be.
  • For freestanding appliances, ensure you have a 13 amp 3 pin plug socket for connection.
  • Unless it's a condenser tumble dryer, ensure there is an existing vent near the intended location
  • Ensure the appliance fits in your chosen location. Call us, we are here to help.
  • For integrated and semi-integrated installations, make sure your kitchen units are able to house the new appliance - alterations to modify units may be available, please ask at time of purchase.
  • If you're having a hob installed, check it will fit in the space allocated - we can only make minor alterations to some types of worktop.
  • For a hob or cooker, check the space around the heat source is in line with the recommended dimensions. As a general guide the hood should be 50cm above an electric hob or 65cm for a gas hob. The side and rear space required around a hob is generally 5cm.

Before we deliver:

  • For installation, please drain or wipe out your current appliance.
  • For disposal, please drain or clear out your current appliance. If we aren't installing your new appliance, please also disconnect your current appliance.
  • Identify where the mains water switch is in your home - check you can switch it off.

Additional important information:

  • If your water connection valve is seized due to limescale, we cannot fix this and you may need to source your own plumber.
  • We can only install if there is adequate water pressure for the appliance.
  • Our installation and disposal services are subject to availability.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees, or anyone working on our behalf.

As part of this service we will:

  • Unpack your new product, remove and dispose of the packaging (Re-cycle)
  • Remove the plinths and panel door of your old appliance
  • Connect the new appliance to existing pipework or electric supply
  • Do any basic carpentry work required (e.g. drilling holes, cutting work top for a bigger hob)
  • Level and fit neatly in the space where possible
  • Fit the existing panel door to the new appliance
  • Remove the old appliance for re-cycling

Before ordering installation, you should ensure that:

  • The existing panel door is in a suitable condition to be re-fitted.
  • Your appliance will fit into the existing housing
  • There is easy access to the existing pipework
  • Your stop valves are working correctly (For connection of any wet appliance)
  • There is sufficient access for ventilation tubes (tumble dryers)

What we do not do:

  • Make any alterations to existing plumbing or electrical connections.
  • Connect the appliance if it puts the fitter or customer at risk.
  • Connect the appliance if it does not meet safety guidelines
  • Install cooker hoods, unless by separate negotiation.
  • Make any alterations to stone worktops