The 12 Days of Christmas............Day 7 time to start your planning

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Seven Swans are Swimming

Time to get your "Ducks (swans) in a row" planning your strategy for cooking a dinner for possibly more family than usual,  or if you have just a few for dinner it undoubtedly includes at least twice the amount of components for a roast dinner, this step is vital.

We put far too much pressure on ourselves to have everything ready at the same moment. Think of it this way..... if the stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and Gravy are done in advance and placed either in a warming drawer or covered with tea towels on the hob or table, you've got one third of it out of the way. Obviously if you've steam cooked/reheated all these in the containers they are to be served in, this saves time and effort.

Homemade or shop bought Cranberry sauce or jelly can be placed in the bowl or serving dish you wish to serve it in covered with either foil or clingfilm and heated along with your cooking veg at 100c/full steam for 20 minutes.

Bread sauce and Stuffing can be either made the previous day and then reheated in the same way or cooked alongside your turkey and then covered to keep warm.

The ONLY thing that should have been on your hob, bubbling away is the gravy !! and then to save space this could also be placed in the oven while it's steaming the veg to keep warm, remember the full steam function is 100c at most so any serving dish, saucepan or jug will be hot, but not too hot to have on the table when it comes out of the oven. 

While your traditional Turkey, or meat of choice, is resting and your vegetables are steaming, (all your plates and serving dishes can also be warmed along side the trays of vegetables) bringing all the accompaniments to the table can clear the decks and get your worksurfaces clear and ready for plating up. I like to carve and plate up the turkey away from the table as my space is limited, but for those of you lucky enough to have a large kitchen island or dining table with space for serving or carving, its almost time to bring all the other ingredients of this special roast out together.

Pour yourself a glass of something special if you have just realised that you're almost on the home stretch !! 


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