The 12 Days of Christmas...........Day 6 egg-experimenting

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Six Geese are laying

Goose eggs are the most wonderful flavour, they make amazing omelets and scrambled egg! but for this Blog entry I shall be strictly sticking to chickens eggs. The various methods of boiling, poaching and scrambling using a hob are widely contested, argued over and enthused about, however the use of an oven to achieve similar, and in my humble opinion, far better results is still not widely known. I am of course referring to a steam oven, one with 100c steam is a must although those which use 96c have the same capabilities, the timing just need to be lengthened.

First we will tackle Boiled eggs. Some ovens have an automatic programme especially for this function, sometimes found in "Automatic programmes " or "Special applications".....if your oven has this then follow the instructions for the size of egg and whether you require soft, medium or hard boiled. The rest of us have to trial and error the timings which can vary depending on size and yolk preferences, as a guide 7-9 minutes on full steam for a medium sized boiled egg with the yolk still slightly runny in the very middle. Dippy eggs will require shorter timings and larger eggs will require longer to reach the point of perfection. Experimentation is key,

Place the eggs in a perforated or solid container, either will work well although I prefer the perforated as the steam can easily encase the whole egg. You can place as many eggs as you like ( or can fit) on a single layer, great for creating Deviled Eggs or eggs to be used in a large batch of egg sandwiches. However many you place in the oven the timing stays the same as it would for just one or two.

Poached eggs are equally as simple with a little practice, and can be achieved in one of two ways..... 1, take a shallow solid steam oven tray or shallow baking dish, place the maximum of an inch of water and a dash of vinegar into the tray/dish ( the vinegar helps to stabilise the water). Carefully break your eggs into this water so that they can float around without touching each other, these should them poach perfectly on full steam in around 6 minutes, again depending on size and cooking preferences these times will be yours to adjust.Method 2, using a small ramekin or coffee cup, pop a splash of oil in the bottom of the ramekin to prevent sticking, cut a square of cling film and place it inside the vessel with a bit just folded over the rim, then crack the egg into the cling film, this then gets placed into the oven in either a solid or perforated container and steamed for again 6-8 minutes. The poached eggs will come out in a little parcel, perfect for turning out onto your toast. 

Scrambled eggs Much like the hob cooking method crack your eggs into a solid container or dish. whisk with a little milk or cream and some black pepper to taste, place in the steam oven for 5 minutes, remove and whisk, return to the oven and repeat until the desired texture is achieved. 

The whole experimentation side of cooking is at it's best with these applications, try duck eggs and even goose eggs, we have in the past steamed 2 dozen quail eggs for delicious mini eggs benedict style canapes. 

I really hope we inspire you to fully explore your oven's capacity for the unusual and exciting. The way we cook with a steam oven including all its conventional programmes and versatility is definitely the way forward when it comes to getting the best performance from your appliance. Please feel free to call us with any Queries you may have regarding oven types and styles, we have so many working models in the showroom we would love to demonstrate for you. 

Almost there ....just a week to go.....



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