The 12 Days of Christmas......Day 4 The Roast potato problem .

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Four Calling Birds

I suppose as the title says "four calling birds" you would assume we would continue our turkey talk, and we will, in various forms throughout this blog, but for today we're going to discuss Roast Potatoes ! the King of vegetables when it comes to the traditional Festive roast dinner.

Now I know that there are a whole host of ideas and theories surrounding which fat to use , duck fat or goose, and boiling times and tricks to get the fluffy outside for the perfect crisp shell, but just for a moment imagine that you could do the whole process in one tray without the par-boiling, and without the fat (flavour aside it really isn't necessary) the whole process can be stripped down and done in the steam oven along side your steaming Turkey or joint of meat. 

Step the peeled potatoes chopped into large pieces into a perforated container in an oven set to full steam ( I detail this method on day one in my Steam cooking the basics section) steam for 20 minutes,  Step two...take out the tray and shake slightly to crumble the edges. Step three... ( once your joint/bird is out and resting) set the oven to Quarter or 25% steam and 180c heat, cook for a further 30 minutes to create the crisp outer.

Try this method and tweak it to your appliance and tastes, you can of course add fat or seasoning to the last stage but if you do that you might want to transfer the potatoes to a solid container so that the floor of your oven doesn't get dripped on, alternatively a baking tray or large dish could be placed underneath to catch anything that comes through the holes in a perforated container.

Experiment with flavours of Lemon and Thyme or Rosemary to vary the flavour. Leave skins on small potatoes for a more rustic finish. 


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