Registering your appliances... why and how.

Posted by Sarah Jones on

We all know it's one of those things that you'll do " Tomorrow" !!

Today you're just getting used to having this wonderful new appliance in your home or place of work, it is simply making your life easier or looking stunning in your kitchen !!!

But registering your new appliance should  be your first task, almost before you read the manual.

This registration enables governing bodies to pin-point your location in the event of a product recall, or repair situation, as well as helping you to activate any warranties with manufacturers,especially special offer extended warranties.

follow this link to register your purchase,

Miele have a dedicated page for registering appliance warranties

Most other major appliance brands have a "support/customer service" tab on their homepage.

Don't put it off till tomorrow.... go and do it now !!!!

We hope this advice is of some use to you in the unfortunate event of any problems with your appliances.


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