Dishwashing, the facts and figures.

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Life’s too short to wash up so save more than one week each year with Zanussi’s new dishwasher range.*

With the new Zanussi dishwasher range, you don’t need to waste time at the kitchen sink. Let the dishwasher wash up for you, always ensuring the best results in the quickest time.


Smarter way to save money? Easy.

Did you know that doing a full load of dishes by hand uses around 2.5kWh, whereas a Zanussi dishwasher only needs 1kWh for a full load of dishes? This saves you 1.5kWh per load. Based on 220 cycles per year (the average usage) that is 330 kWh saved per year (which is around £50 saving, based on 15p per kWh). Zanussi’s top-of-the-range freestanding dishwasher has a purse-friendly energy rating of A++ and uses only 11 litres of water per wash. Hand washing a full load can easily use 100 litres of water, so water savings (and cost savings if you are metered) can be significant.

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