Electrolux introduces their first ever Steam oven with Pyrolitic cleaning.

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Electrolux introduces its first ever pyrolytic and steam oven

Electrolux EOC6631AOX Pyro Steam oven

For the best of both worlds: professional levels of cooking and cleanliness

Electrolux, inventor of the combi-steam concept for professional chefs, has launched a new oven that combines professional levels of cleanliness with cooking results any chef would be proud of. The new oven was directly inspired by Electrolux’s work with top chefs who regularly combine steam with conventional heat, providing a gentle cooking environment to retain natural flavor and texture. Now Electrolux has added pyrolytic cleaning to its CombiSteam oven™ for cleaning that leaves the oven looking good as new, at just the touch of a button.

Combining steam cooking with hot air functions mean you can delight your guests with healthy and tasty dishes that are juicy inside with a wonderful crust. It can also be used like a normal multifunction oven, without steam, giving you unparalleled cooking versatility.

The pyrolytic function heats the oven to extremely high temperatures turning residue to ash that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The oven even has an indicator that shows when the oven needs cleaning.

With a capacity of 74 litres, this oven offers an extra-large cavity allowing you to cook on five shelf levels all at one time.

Inspired by professional kitchens

The oven has features inspired by Electrolux’s close to 100 years of experience equipping professional kitchens, including the kitchens of nearly half of all the Michelin-starred chefs in Europe.

For example, an on-board FoodProbe ensures dishes are always cooked to perfection, never under or overcooked. “Professional chefs regularly use a food probe to know when the food has reached the correct internal temperature,” Robbie Prestedge of Electrolux says. “Now it’s much easier to do the same thing at home.” 

Steam and hot air: the choice of professionals

Professional chefs have long used a combination of steam and hot air to preserve moisture and texture and bring out the flavours of their ingredients. Steam cooking is the easiest way to get great results. Steam helps to preserve vitamins and minerals and keeps food juicier and more succulent, thanks to the retention of moisture which minimises weight loss. Compared with fan only cooking, steam gives superior results when baking cakes, pastries, quiches and bread and meat is much juicier and more succulent. 

Electrolux EOC6631AOX Eclipse Design Pyrolytic Oven with Steam Cooking

  • Pyrolytic self-clean oven
  • 25% steam for dishes that are juicy on the inside with a wonderful crust
  • Onboard Food Probe so dishes are cooked to perfection
  • Retractable rotary controls
  • 74 litres cavity with 5 cooking shelf levels
  • Ultra Fan Plus XL fan for lower temperature and quicker cooking times
  • Velvet Closing soft close door for gentle shutting
  • Amber LED display
  • Built in dimensions: H590 x W560 x D550
  • A-20%

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