Water Hardness, how it affects your appliances !!

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Whether you are washing dishes or laundry, water hardness affects the working of your appliance, 

How does hard water and limescale affect domestic appliances?

  1. The main problem is a build up of limescale on the heating element. This can shorten the life of the element because it acts as an insulator and causes the heating element to get much hotter inside than it should be. This can lead to premature breakdown
  2. A heating element caked in limescale is less effective at heating water because the limescale acts as an insulator, which means more electricity is used
  3. Limescale can accumulate inside the machine and coat all hoses and surfaces. This can help rot hoses and seals
  4. More detergent is needed to wash the clothes effectively
  5. Clothes washed in hard water can suffer damage to fibres, shortening their life span
  6. Dishwashers and coffee machines are affected in much the same way.

Go to Southern Water website to find out more about hard water in your area,


this site has a water hardness postcode checker.

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